Constant Grinding Continues to Ruin Our Teeth

by Samantha on January 11, 2011

The Irish Dental Association reveals that continuous worrying about money adds more stress to an already stressful existence and is causing untold damage to our teeth. This association represents nearly 1,350 dentists and feels that the recession has caused more people to feel the pressure of money worries in their teeth. Dentists that are members of the IDA state that more of their patients than ever have started to experience teeth grinding in the past year, alone.

Teeth grinding, medically called bruxism, typically happens at night while people are trying to sleep. Subconsciously, they clench their jaws, which is followed by grinding their teeth together. The majority of teeth grinders don’t need medical treatment for it. However, if it becomes more severe, bruxism can cause such unpleasant side issues as headaches, jaw pain and facial pain, earaches, and even teeth fractures. When it reaches this point, it needs to be treated or the gums can recede and teeth can be lost.

Normally, it is estimated by experts that 20 percent of all people will experience teeth grinding at some point. Even so, Dr. Dermot Canavan, a member of the IDA, states that in his own practice, as well as those of other dentists he has spoken with, that the number of bruxism incidents has risen sharply. In talking with the patients, it’s clear to Dr. Canavan that it’s due to serious financial strain.

It was also noted that bruxism is frequently associated with too much smoking along with drinking too much alcohol and coffee. In addition, Dr. Canavan pointed out that the use of recreational drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines and ecstasy can make teeth grinding even more probable.

Treatment for bruxism includes fitted mouth guards and splints. However, in the event of damaged teeth, other actions need to be taken.

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