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by Samantha on May 8, 2013

If you frequently look in the mirror and hate the smile looking back at you, it may be because of the poor condition of your teeth. In fact, it is common for people to avoid photos or avoid smiling because they do not like the way that their teeth look. However, you can now change that if you invest a bit in cosmetic dentistry.

It used to be that cosmetic dentistry was only an option for those who had a tooth accidentally knocked out or chipped and needed a repair, but now there are dozens of options that can help update your smile and make sure you are able to snap your next photo with a huge grin on your face.

It’s now or never

Have a big photo op or big family birthday coming up? No need to worry because now you can get a smile makeover in as little as one day! That’s right, it only takes one day to fix your smile and fill in any gaps. Whether you need a crown, a veneer, a bridge, or a filling replaced it just takes one day to get your smile fixed up.

Therefore, if you have a big event in mind such as a wedding or a photo that you want to look great in there is no reason to delay. Not only will your smile be perfected in plenty of time to make your photo, but it will stay perfect for years afterwards.

How is this possible?

New technology now allows certain dentists to make their own crowns, veneers, and other similar dental items. This not only reduces the price in many cases since it does not have to be sent out, but it also means that you can benefit right away.

With instant fitting and instant moulding you can get the perfect set of teeth that you have always wanted in very little time, and even better, you can do it without anyone ever knowing. They will probably think you were just born with a great set of teeth.

Where can I go?

If you are looking for a dentist that will offer you a smile makeover in just one day then you will want to head to Arden House Dental where the goal is to make sure that you cherish your smile. Arden House Dental works with families and offers plenty of great same day services to make sure that you can sport a confident smile at any upcoming occasion.

Arden House Dental
232 London Road
Charlton Kings
GL52 6HW
T: 01242 806295

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