Teeth Grinding At Night

by Samantha on May 15, 2011

Experts differ on what causes one to grind their teeth at night, and therefore, they also differ on how to resolve this problem. A surefire way to put an end to nightly teeth grinding, regardless of its cause, is to be fitted for a mouth guard that is worn while you sleep. Wearing a mouth guard has been shown to resolve teeth grinding at night in a very large percentage of people.

Wearing a mouth guard at night aids in protecting the teeth from damage, such as wear of even fractures, due to grinding during sleep. It also helps prevent damage to the jaw, which can ultimately lead to hearing problems or facial malformation.

Other ways to help resolve your teeth grinding problem is to work on ways to reduce stress in your life. This is because stress is believed to be a very common cause of teeth grinding during sleep. By engaging in relaxation techniques, daily exercise and other stress-relieving methods, teeth grinding may soon become a distant memory.

Additionally, certain changes in your diet may also help do away with nightly teeth grinding. Reducing or eliminating altogether the stimulants you put into your body on a daily basis may help. This means getting rid of your coffee, tea, and soda drink habits so you stop the regular ingestion of caffeine. Even chocolate, if you eat enough of it, has a good amount of caffeine, and thus, should be avoided. Since caffeine is a stimulant and can increase the agitation that results in teeth grinding, cutting it out of your diet may help you get rid of your teeth grinding habit.

Another dietary restriction which may help stop teeth grinding is to abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages. It appears that the absorption of alcohol has a direct correlation with teeth grinding. As such if you want your teeth grinding to stop, then stop drinking alcohol.

If you have a habit of chewing nervously during your waking hours, nip that in the bud. Nervous chewing on pencils, pens, fingers, anything, can lead to grinding your teeth at night. Engaging in this behavior is indicative of a nervous or stress related issue, which is often what leads to teeth grinding.

So if you are sitting at your desk and you suddenly notice that you are chewing your pencil down to the nub, then stop chewing on that pencil and think about what you are feeling at that time. If you become more mindful of this type of behavior and how you are feeling when you do it, it may help you work through those feelings and ultimately curb your teeth grinding at night.

Also associated with stress is the habit of clenching your jaw. It is very possible that you are completely unaware that you clench your jaw regularly. A good way to help you stop grinding your teeth at night is to become aware of when you are clenching your jaw. Ask those around you during the day to point out when they see you clenching your jaw. It will make you much more conscious of this bad habit. If you are able to stop this jaw clenching behavior during the day, it may very well result in a discontinuance of your nightly teeth grinding habit.

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