Millions of Americans Suffer from Destructive Teeth Grinding

by Samantha on January 13, 2011

Recent studies show that at least 25 percent of the American population either clench or grind their teeth so badly that it destroys both gums and teeth. These same studies also show that nearly everyone subconsciously clenches or grinds their teeth on occasion. In addition, over 80 percent of these teeth grinders either don’t know they’re doing it, or they’re embarrassed by it.

Teeth grinding affects people of all ages from 8 years old to 80 years old. All of these people all experience sleep bruxism, which means they grind their teeth while sleeping.

Recently, the Chicago Dental society conducted a survey with results showing that nearly 75 percent of 250 dentists surveyed stated that there was a definite increase in the patients they see with bruxism. They believe this to be the result of financial stress caused by the economic state.

Teeth clenching and grinding causes a lot of damage to teeth and fillings along with leading gums to recede. This disorder also brings about migraine headaches, earaches and jaw and facial pain. Because the majority of sufferers don’t realize all the discomforts that can begin with teeth grinding and clenching, they may suffer unnecessarily for years from various chronic pain without knowing that they can get help for it.

Dental mouth guards that are custom made and fitted by dentists can cost on average $750. Even after paying all of that money, it may not stop the teeth grinding. When so many people are suffering from bruxism because of their financial stress, having to lay out that kind of money isn’t going to help matters. That’s why people continue to either ignore their bruxism or try to find more affordable methods to help.

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