Natural Cures To Stop Grinding Your Teeth

by Samantha on April 11, 2010

If you have bruxism or TMJ, then you likely not only experience pain in your jaw, but you may also be causing severe damage to your teeth, as well as your overall health. Some people grind their teeth so badly at night that they end up creating serious damage to their teeth, even sometimes to the point of cracking their teeth. Most medical experts recommend wearing a mouth guard to resolve this issue and prevent damage, or further damage, from occurring.

But if you ask most people who have tried mouth guards, they will tell you they don’t really solve the problem or provide any relief. In fact, some will say the only thing mouth guards do for them is make their wallets significantly lighter. Fortunately, there are other, natural, solutions available to help those who find themselves grinding their teeth at night.

One such solution involves wearing swimming nose plugs at night. This method is premised on the fact that most people breathe through their noses during the day and also at night during sleep. So if you plug the nose at night while you sleep, you will have no alternative but to breathe through your mouth, which means your mouth will be open which, in turn, makes it much more difficult for you to grind your teeth. This technique is definitely worth a shot and does not come with a hefty price tag.

You can also try a technique that involves your taste buds and assumes that you have already purchased a mouth guard. This technique involves filling capsules with salt water or garlic, and then adhering the capsules to your mouth guard with denture cream. Because you grind your teeth while you sleep, you will naturally end up biting down on the capsules in your sleep causing the salt water or garlic inside of them to empty into your mouth.

This horrible taste that enters your mouth as a result will work to, in essence, train yourself to stop grinding your teeth at night. This is sort of a Pavlov’s dog approach, which will hopefully work after time to teach your subconscious mind to avoid this unpleasant flavor getting into your mouth by simply discontinuing the teeth grinding behavior.

If nose plugs or capsules filled with an unpleasant flavor are not your thing, then perhaps you should try something that goes to the root of the likely cause. Teeth grinding is commonly the result of stress. Engage in some stress-relieving exercises and you may find yourself no longer grinding your teeth at night.

Perhaps yoga would work for you as a calming form of exercise, or a cycling class to really bang out your stress.

Additionally, eating a healthy diet filled with nutritious foods, as well as keeping yourself well-hydrated throughout the day, may also help. It is also always good to get plenty of sleep each night.
If all else fails, seeing a hypnotherapist and/or learning to hypnotize yourself to stop your nightly teeth grinding sessions may resolve this issue.

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