Treating Teeth Grinding with Hypnosis

by Samantha on January 12, 2011

Several types of treatments have been formulated to help with bruxism, or teeth grinding. People with this condition need to consult with their dentist or doctor so they can find the best treatment for them. Ignoring bruxism will only cause worse health issues such as face and jaw pain, headaches and damaged teeth enamel. So that’s really not the best option.

An effective and interesting way to treat bruxism is hypnosis. This is no stranger to psychiatrists that have used hypnosis for years to treat certain behavior problems. Now, it seems, they’ve made it work to treat teeth grinding, too. Teeth grinding falls into the category of behavioral issues because the people suffering from it don’t usually know they’re clenching or grinding their teeth during sleep. However, this is happening, therefore their subconscious is to blame.

The way that hypnosis works is by changing a person’s habits. Teeth grinding can be viewed as a behavioral pattern as the jaw repeats the act each time the trigger for it is released. That’s why many people feel that hypnosis can help with teeth grinding. However, whether or not that’s true will depend on the person actually trying it.

Submitting yourself to hypnosis allows a psychiatrist to re-educate your brain along with your subconscious mind. The psychiatrist, or hypnotist, will order the brain not to clench the jaw muscles which will keep teeth grinding from occurring. In response, the brain relaxes the jaw muscles, instead. If this order “takes,” the person will then get a good night’s sleep and the teeth grinding will be gone for good.

In this age of advanced technology, there’s no real need to pay a psychiatrist’s exorbitant fees for a hypnosis session. There are all sorts of CDs that will help you to hypnotize yourself. If you listen to it as often as instructed and follow the directions, you just might be able to treat your own bruxism through hypnosis.

A drawback to using hypnosis as a treatment to bruxism is that it will only work if the root cause is stress or anxiety related. Bruxism caused by medical reasons won’t be helped through hypnosis. So it’s quite important to consult with your dentist or doctor initially to find out what the cause may be. Your dentist is the best place to start for an assessment. From there, you’ll find out what you need to consider in terms of treatment options.

However, as tension is typically the most common cause for bruxism, hypnosis can help quite a bit. There are several ways to lower the stress and tension levels in the body. Total relaxation brought about through hypnosis is definitely a highly effective technique.

If you’d like to attempt hypnosis to help your bruxism, you can do this by visiting a reputable website and downloading any necessary recordings. You can also order a hypnotherapy CD made just for bruxism. Then just listen to the CD in your spare time, particularly before sleeping. By following all instructions given, you should be sleeping soundly within a few short minutes with no teeth grinding episodes all night.

The best way to figure out if hypnosis will work for your teeth grinding is to simply try it. If you’ve tried everything else with no results, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying a simple self-hypnosis session. It just may be the cure you’ve been looking for.

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Annabel February 10, 2011 at 4:59 am

Hi there

I live in South Africa and am in agony all the time as a result of bruxism. Do you have a hypnotherapy CD you can reccommend to me please?

Many thanks
Annabel SLingsby

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